Tuesday, August 15, 2017

UFO Interest in Critically ill and Dying Humans

Currently researching the sometimes mysterious events
witnessed and experienced when directly associated
with critically ill and dying Humans.
Some of the mysteries include;

* Near Death Experiences
* Mysterious Orbs, mists and apparitions seen in the
near vicinity of the Dying.
* Photographs of Mystery Orbs near critically ill or
dying Humans (or animals). Including Orbs near
someone who later suffers serious illness or accidental
death. Plus mystery Orbs and mists in graveyard
photographs. Especially interested in moving Orbs
leaving a motion trail or streak of light.
* Premonitions of impending tragedies and Natural
disasters that have later came true.

I invite you to send me your story related to the stated subject. Email top of this Blog page.

Friday, April 30, 2010

UFO Hoax Device Used to divert the real UFO around populated locations.

This was a low altitude Hoax device passing overhead. The outline of the garbage bag is seen to contain most of the brighter illumination from the wax fire lighter. The interesting feature in this image is the dark curved line on the lower right of the object. This darkened feature could be used as an identifying feature for these hoax devices when photographed from directly underneath. This is where the garbage bag is folded or doubled over around the wire frame hoop, so that it can be cello-taped or fixed to the frame. It is this double thickness of the plastic garbage bag that shows up due to the less amount of light able to shine through that section around the rim of the bag where it is fixed to the wire hoop.

Note the heavy pixilation of the brightest part of the image. There is a lot of surrounding heat and light picked up in this photo. Object was moving to the right. Even though these images are of the same type of hoax device, the variation is seen related to their distance, angle of view and brightness of the illumination when captured either on film or video.

Another image of one of the first of these hoax devices that I had seen. This image is with a 35mm still camera as it moved to the right (north).

A close approaching Hoax device was deliberately manually adjusted out of focus. This assists with identification of the illumination due to the more noticeable "flickering" of the flame from the fire lighter. Some witnesses have video taped these devices while having their camera set on Automatic Focus for normal daytime videoing. However, for night filming, you must use manual focus to stop the auto focus from zooming in and out while attempting to find a suitable focus. This shade of orange is typical of these hoax devices, and is useful for identification. The central 'nipple' is also typical of an "out of focus smaller illumination".

Sometimes there is a 2 meter (6ft) length of thin wire attached to the main frame of the device where a second wax fire lighter is attached. This then forming a "Double" device. These look impressive yet are still easily identified once you know what to look for. I have video of four "double" hoax devices
together. These would require at least two persons to launch the "double" devices because of the handling difficulties when setting up to launch. The left image shows the device moving left to right, while the second image shows the device moving to the left.

One of the first Hoax devices I photographed. This is a still grabbed off video footage. A total of four of these hoax devices slowly drifted south to north at low altitude over the western boundary of Grafton in 1997 over a one-hour period. Enhancement shows the brighter glow at base, and trailing heat as the object moved to the right.

There has been a sudden increase in mysterious orange lights reported to UFO researchers, especially in the UK and USA recently. The last time this occurred was back in the 1990's at the time when there really was high real UFO activity world wide, also known of the UFO Wave of the '90's. Since 1999-2000, the scale of real UFO activity suddenly declined, although some spasmodic activity was still reported, yet the 'Disc' UFO was reduced.

Read the following on my research on the orange light hoax device written during this activity of the '90's. There has been recent UFO Disc in the classic 'V' formation of 5 and 7 Discs recently seen in the USA. I suggest you take serious note of the reports coming in and WATCH the skies. The Discs may be returning for the new UFO Wave. They take a 20 year cycle and are NOW DUE to return. Let me know if you see or hear of this type of activity. SKYWATCHERS have your cameras ready.

Following written in the 1990's
Based on the Australian study of the Hoax Device by myself, the following conclusions have been reached.

1. Because of the pattern of release of these devises, there is a purpose behind such activity and not just random events.

2. Who is letting them off?
a) Some local persons (School aged children and young adults) have admitted or seen launching these devices. But this does not account for all of the releases. Witnesses see the devices initially, then "copy-cat" the activity.

b) An Australia wide organised group appear to be employed to release the Hoax devices over areas of residential population, including Cities and large Rural towns. All major cities and large rural towns around Australia have had this activity over their town at some time during the 1990's. The more real UFO activity over a location, the more Hoax Devices released.

3. Why are they (the organised group) launching the Hoax device over populated areas around Australia?

Based on my own observations during the genuine UFO activity, and collection of reported sightings around Australia, one thing that can not be overlooked is the question "Why?"

Could this be why?
The "special forces" have learnt by experimentation (eg. Alice Springs incident) that the genuine UFO will AVOID flying over populated areas when the Hoax Device is airborne. The UFO were flying up and down the East Coast of Australia during 'Flap' and 'Wave' situations during the '90's this is also the most heavily populated area of Australia and where most of the Hoax Device launching was taking place.

"They" would rather let the population see the Hoax Devices, then the real UFO. "They" would rely on the word spreading through the community that the orange lights in the sky were just HOAX's and not real UFO. If UFO researchers and the media did not wake up to the fact they were only man made hoax devices, that did not matter. At least 'we' were not seeing the real UFO. After all, how would the authorities explain a large low flying "V" formations of yellow discs flying over your roof-top? Easier to laugh off a small orange light in the sky.

You may say that the 'Alien' is smarter than that. They would be able to tell that it was just a man made device over town, and nothing to worry about. Well, this exercise did appear to work. When there were nights of no hoax device launching, I witnessed UFO activity, much at low level. When hoax devices were launched, sometimes 3-4 running nights, no real UFO activity seen. This indicates to me, that the chances of my overall conclusion being correct has a very high probability when you take into account the 'big picture' Australia wide over a long period of time.

Having this in mind, I waited during a time of no UFO activity and no hoax device launching, to see which would come first next time activity started. After some months of no activity in 1999, I saw the first hoax device over town. Sure enough, there was also real UFO activity happening as well. Is this enough proof to substantiate my theory? may be.

I await the next UFO 'Flap' to test the idea.

How did they do it?

The Australian Hoax Devices.

Items used to construct:
1. One large garbage bag (any colour, black used here)

2. cellotape.

3. Roll of stiff wire (#8)

4. Box of petroleum wax fire starters.

5. Portable gas torch.

6. Two persons.

1. Coil the wire into a hoop the diameter to tightly fit into the opening of the garbage bag.

2. Fix the hoop to the bag with cellotape

3. Cut and fit a straight piece of wire to fix across the center of the hoop. Firstly bend a "U" in the middle of this and skew one wax firelighter so it sits in the "U". This stops the firelighter from accidentally sliding along the wire and burning the bag.

4. Get one person to hold the bag upright whole the second lights the gas torch.

5. Hold the gas torch under the bag so as to fill it with hot air. The bag will expand as air inside heats.

6. When bag fully expanded with hot air (only takes a few seconds) and wants to rise under its own lift,

7. Hit the wax fire lighter with the torch so as to ignite it.

8. let it go. It will lift itself like a hot air balloon. And drift in the wind direction. It will only rise to a height depending on the air pressure finding a balance with the lift capabilities of the bag. It finds its own height and remains there unless the air layer changes. This will burn for about 10 minutes depending only on the size of the wax block. If they are all the same size, they will burn approx. the same length of time. Eventually falling to the ground at any location.

I have not done this personally. I have observed from a distance two persons launching one of these. (as per footage on my video "UFO Down-Under") I know how they are constructed because I have retrieved one still burning as it fell into a local house yard.

WARNING: Do not attempt to make and launch one of these devices. They are dangerous and can destroy community property. It is a Police offence if caught.

Some Facts.
Sometimes when the Hoax Device is at medium to low altitude, drops of burning wax can be seen falling from the device. If seen, this is a good identification detail.

When seen from directly underneath (device drifting overhead), you can see a circular feature underneath the device. This is the wire hoop opening of the bag. Another good identification feature that should be noted to assist identification of the object as a Hoax Device.

The illumination from such Hoax devices is mainly from the actual wax block burning and the internal illumination of the bag because of the flame flickering up into the bag itself.

These devices appear to 'flicker' because of the movement of flame inside the bag. The flame actually 'jumps up and down' during the burn. Some more than others, depending upon the intensity of the burn and movement of the device.

Multiple launchings.
The Australian experience has been that a high percentage of hoax device launchings contain more than one device. Multiple launching of these devices seems to be more effective for the overall purpose of the task. I have video of 23 devices in the one event. Nine individual devices have been seen drifting in formation over this town. Multiple launchings by the one group of perpetrators from the same location will always produce a line formation of devices that may continue in the same flight path or sometimes change direction.

I have seen these devices hover for some time in the one position. One in a group may veer off to take another course while the others continue a straight forward path. They may do 90 degree turns or turn around and head back the other way. All this direction of movement depends upon the wind / breeze directional changes within the changing air layers over distance. If the devices are tethered over one location, or the air layer is still and dense, the devices will remain steady if prevailing air conditions are stable.

Increasing Magnitude of Illumination.
The magnitude of the illumination can be increased by attaching a second wax fire lighter to a length of thin wire attached to the wire that bisects the wire hoop (holding the main wax block) This dangles below the main device (5-6ft - 1.5 meters) and does not effect the movement of the object yet may contribute to the lift. (extra hot air) The main effect resulting in a brighter larger object when seen from the ground.

(Just like the objects in the Mexican FLIR footage. My opinion is that these were man made hoax devices, NOT real UFO)

The other alternative would be to use a larger wax block. This would make the object visible longer, and travel greater distances if not tethered. The flame would be larger making the device brighter therefore larger.

Other Igniters.
Any ignitable material could be used as a fuel to burn and give the device lift. It would be feasible to consider the fuel used in the Phoenix Lights could be another fuel other than the wax firelighter used in the Australian devices. If another type of fuel were used, you could expect a burn of different colour or brightness depending upon the materials (minerals or oxides) used. Accurate measure of burn time is easily calculated by experimentation. Yet the characteristic 'flickering' of a burning flame would still be obvious.

Other Lift Balloons.
Other balloons of light plastic or fiber materials can be used for the main balloon. The larger and more transparent the balloon, the more light is reflected inside the balloon, and larger and brighter it looks to the observer. For these types of devices, an open mouth bag or balloon is necessary so that the flame can heat up the air inside the balloon bag to create lift of the device. Also required to emphasise the brightness of the device from the flame illuminating the whole balloon structure. Either way, the overall principle is the same.

The only device that would not give the same results, would be an enclosed balloon, say filled with Helium gas to give lift. The fuel would be ignited only to give illumination to the device and would not be as bright an object as the one above. The illumination from the flame would also partly illuminate the balloon above. This would make this type of device more obvious to the observer that it was a man made hoax device because the balloon could be seen as a separate item to the flame, especially in slightly illuminated local areas.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

How to See UFOs and Photograph Them.

How to See UFOs and Photograph Them.

Extract from Hard copy paperback book by Barry Taylor, UFO Researcher Australia "UFO Down-Under - How to See UFO's and Photograph Them."

There are a couple of web sites that have used this unique detailed information without permission, as original author, I post it here and hope you make good use of the information and photograph a real UFO of your own.

If you have never seen a UFO, than by following my instructions you will get to see one. I guarantee it. Once you get the idea of the procedures and 'indicators' that I will explain, you will have no trouble following the return of the UFO when in your location next time. My comments are based on my personal observations over my location, and the success of seeing and video taping UFO's since 1996.

There is some background knowledge you should be aware of first. The UFO is not around all the time. So do not expect to just walk outside, look up and see one. It does not work like that (unfortunately). The UFO visits in what are known as 'Waves' and 'Flaps'. This is the time when you will see them.

UFO 'Waves'.
A UFO 'wave' is when a small number of UFO's are flying over your location over a period of time. The sighting of UFO's during the 'wave' situation is spasmodic to regular. This period of 'wave' activity may last for 2-3 days or several months at a time. The idea is to become aware of the first sign of UFO activity so that you can observe them during this time until the end of the 'wave' period. Remember, that when one UFO is around, there are most probably more to be seen. So if you see one, keep looking. 

This is what happens during UFO activity. 
At the beginning of a 'wave', you will see what I call 'indicators'. These will be discussed below. A 'wave' of UFO activity will usually build up in sighting numbers to a peak, then recede until no more are seen. You will then be back to 'normal' or no UFO activity. The peak of UFO activity during a 'wave' is less then the activity seen during a UFO 'Flap' situation.

UFO 'Flaps'.
A UFO 'flap' is a large number of UFO's over a location for a short period of time. UFO 'flaps' are the most interesting and rewarding if you have one over your location. Unlike 'waves', UFO 'flaps' usually begin with full-on UFO activity without seeing the 'indicators'. There is no guarantee that each 'flap' situation will be the same in all cases, and are impossible to compare with previous 'flaps' because each 'flap' event is unique in the type of objects that will be seen, the number of objects in the event and the type of formations and groups they will be seen in.

UFO 'flaps' usually consist of the UFO Disc. These discs vary in size from less then 1 meter (2.5 feet) to 100+ feet in some reports from around the world. The discs I have seen were around 3 meter's (10ft) dia. However some of the high altitude ones could have been larger.

A 'flap' can contain a wide variety of UFO shapes and sized objects and craft. Boomerang Formations of various number of objects, Boomerang Craft, Triangle Craft, individual Discs and Groups of Discs. And UFO's of a wide range of size and shape. This is the mystery of "What are UFO's".
'Flaps' may last 1-3 days. Usually not lasting for any great length of time. 'Flaps' may then reduce to the 'wave' situation and last months or years. Years? If we look at the major UFO activity years, you will notice the peak periods for world wide UFO activity during the decades of the 1950's, 1970's and the 1990's.  There are periods of time between these dates where there is still UFO activity, but not on the general scale of continuous UFO activity during these decades. Each of these decades produced high incidence of UFO 'flaps' world wide. Between these decades, 'flaps' were more localized to various countries, not so much spread around the world. More like 'wave' activity of various intensities.

There are two main ways you can become aware of increased UFO activity. You can monitor various UFO email lists or UFO sighting report centers or you can become aware of UFO activity in your location by you own observations. And this is what this is all about. You personally becoming aware of the UFO activity over your location. You will get the knowledge first, and see with your own eyes what is happening. You will be on the 'front line' as it were. And skywatching is the ONLY way you can do this with any real success.

You can skywatch from your own backyard or roof top if in an apartment complex in the city. The best locations are naturally in rural areas because you do not have the night sky masked by city lights. Find a location that is comfortable for you. Have at least two suitable locations where you can observe safely from. One for your every night observations and one higher location with a greater expanse of clear sky area that is darker. Use this second location if you become aware of UFO activity beginning or in progress. This is where you will see more and video objects for longer duration.

Skywatching Tools.
If you know there is UFO activity around, you should try to photograph them if possible. This way you have images not only as proof, but have images that can be studied and analyzed by experienced researchers.

Still camera.
Still cameras are handy, but are not suitable for all recording of UFO's, especially at night. UFO's are not always bright illuminations that stay around long enough to click a photo of. They are usually (but not always) fast moving dimly illuminated objects at high or very low altitudes just above tree or roof top. Under these circumstances a still camera us useless. Still cameras especially for night photography, are best set on a sturdy tripod and using fast colour film (400-800 to 1600 ISO) and a cable release. Set the exposure time to bulb where the shutter remains open until manually released. This will record the movement of an illumination of a medium to bright object at night. A motion trail will be recorded indicating the path of the object. Any variation in the flight path will be recorded as a curve in the trail. Thus indicating possible unconventional craft. If the illumination in question is slow and bright enough do try a still image of it. Film cameras produce very high resolution images that can be greatly enlarged so should be used in appropriate circumstances. Just make sure you have a reliable processing outlet to develop your film.

You can also experiment with different film types. Infrared colour and B/W, 400-800 B/W force processed for higher ISO ratings. There is also an Ultraviolet film available. Special filters must be used with these types of spectrum wavelength films. 400 ISO colour can be force processed. Use this if you think the dim object may not come out in the photo. If you photograph an object and you think force processing is needed, then change film even if there is most of the roll left. The process may overexpose anything else on the roll.

Digital Still Cameras.
Digital cameras are less practical at night and best kept for daylight photography. Their light capturing capabilities are not yet to the standard of film cameras. However, if you already own one then do have it with you if that is all you have. A 10Mp or higher is better. Enlargements and analysis of digital images have some problems with pixel size and super zooms into an object captured has less resolution. Keep this in mind.

Video Cameras.
Video cameras are the best skywatching tool you will have to record UFO's. If you already have a video camera, then use it. If you intend buying a new video camera, then these are the camera features your new camera should have.

Digital - Digital cameras produce cleared and overall better images then analogue cameras. They hold colour better, especially reds and orange colour's. These give you more successful video enhancements if you capture something worth looking at. The 3CCD digital are best if using tapes though more expensive. But all late model video cameras use a built-in HDD to store your video. The latest to date are the 4K cameras but try to get one with manual focus, steady shot and eye viewer as well as flip out monitor.

Zero Light Lux - Will capture dim illuminations at night. A must for UFO filming.

Infrared Night Shot - This feature gives you the capability to 'see in the dark' and further captures dim illuminations. No colour (Some show green) is produced but you can 'see further'.

Super Steady Shot - A must for hand held cameras to reduce unwanted motion, especially at high zoom factors.

High Optical and Digital Zoom Power - The more powerful the zooming range the better. Most of your filming (even at full zoom) will be using the optical zoom ONLY. Only use the digital zoom if the object is slow moving or very high altitudes. (better to get something rather then nothing). Get into the habit of only digital zooming momentarily just to get some footage , then zoom back to full optical zoom. High digital zoom gives too much pixelization of the image and distorts it.

Telephoto Lens - One accessory that you should get is a telephoto (tele-converter) lens. These screw into your filter thread and multiply your zooming power. I use a 2x & 3x but 5x is available, but you will never uses the full capabilities of the 5x because it is just too powerful and images are too shaky for a hand held camera.

Tripod - I have tried using a tripod for general readiness to film UFO's, with the camera attached. You will not get any fast objects or overhead objects like this. A tripod is best used for distant slow or any slow moving object, especially daytime. You can use your full zoom and get steady images on a tripod but are not practical for general use. Hold your camera in your hand at the ready for any activity. If you consider the tripod should then be used, then attach your camera. A good quality fluid head tripod like the Miller brand is best. Cheaper ones are too jerky when panning.

Video Tapes - Try different brands of video tapes. Some brands are better for night filming. They respond better to low light conditions.

Powerful Torch or Strobe Light - If you want to see if you can get a response from a UFO, flash a torch light or portable strobe light at it. Do this while filming so you can record any response. I have.

Video Camera Settings - It is important to set your camera so that you are ready in an instant to record an event.
Focus - Set to Manual Focus, never use Auto Focus. Auto focus will try to focus on small points of light (especially at night) and automatically zoom in-and-out resulting in footage that is useless. Even daytime footage if filming a small distant or high altitude object may fool the auto focus setting. You want to be able to get clear focus on an object immediately you have it in frame and keep it focused. Sometimes you only have seconds to film an object, so good instant focus is a must.

To Adjust Manual Focus - Apply full optical zoom and adjust focus on a distant object. A Star or Planet such as Jupiter is good, because when the Moons of Jupiter are seen, you are in good focus. Then test the same object in full digital zoom. make any small adjustments for better focus. Then re-test your focus on full optical zoom. When properly adjusted, you are nearly ready to film. Get into the habit to repeat this procedure as first priority each skywatch outing. 
Shutter Speed - Normal shutter speed is set to 1/50th of a second. Use this for all night time filming. Higher speeds at night result in 'jumping' images. If filming in daytime, you can adjust to the highest setting of 1/10,000th of a second if you wish. Use this setting especially if you want to mount your camera on a tripod and let free roll if trying to capture the so called "Rods" or fast UFO flyovers. Fast shutter speeds stop motion blur and allow better image enhancements for analysis. 
Aperture Settings - Most video cameras have a feature where you can change aperture settings for different light conditions. These are either auto preset by the turning of a dial to adjust, or a full manual adjustment or a combination of both. Get familiar with this setting on your own camera so that you can adjust for best lighting conditions at the time. Day time is easy to adjust, however night time adjustments are more critical. Find the setting that allows the most light into the camera at night. You will see this in the viewer. On the zero light lux cameras, you may find too much light available for clear filming and the viewer shows too much background 'hash'. If this is happening, adjust the aperture back just until the 'hash' reduces to a nice clear dark screen. Test while viewing faint star clusters is best. This also applies if using the infrared night vision feature. 
Camera Viewer - Even though your camera may have a fold out side viewer screen, only use this when tracking a slow moving object already framed and easy to follow. Otherwise, always use the main viewer that is mounted parallel to your camera. This allows instant locating and framing of an object, especially small or fast moving objects. You can raise the camera to your eye while looking at the object and instantly find it. By keeping your other eye open, you can increase your chances of instant framing onto it and also see it in real time to see any changes in colour or brightness. A B/W viewer will not show any colour changes. 
Audio - Try to record as much important detail of your sighting as you film by speaking clearly enough to understand when you play the tape back. Record details like, direction of approach of the object, its location in relation to known ground based objects, mountains or towns etc. Note any visual features or changes in appearance or direction the object may take. If it passes a Star that you are aware of, name the Star or constellation it passes in front of. Basically any useful information that can later by used in analysis or identification. If the object is lost behind a tree or cloud, say so on the video audio. This establishes why the object suddenly 'went out'. 
Time and Date - These are important details to record at the time of a sighting. You can leave the time and date display on at all times if you wish. This establishes a date of the event and time duration of the sighting. Duration between any strobe or flashing features from the object can be accurately calculated. All this information can assist identification and analysis of your footage at a later date. 
At night, it is best to turn on the time and date display and record this for a few seconds then turn them off. After you film an event, then immediately turn the time and date display back on and record another few seconds. This will establish sighting details. Not having the time and date displaying while filming an object at night, gives you a full dark screen when previewing the event without the brightness from the time - date display, yet you still have it recorded for identification purposes. 
Now that you have your camera ready or just want to see if there is any UFO activity so you can see a UFO with your own eyes. Go to your chosen observation location and start observing the sky. This is the very first step you have successfully made in observing UFO's. 
Best Time. When checking for activity, just after sunset to around 9pm are the best times. If you do not see any 'indicators' between these times, then the chances are that there is no activity around your location at this period of time. But, do try again to-morrow and the next day.. and the next... and the next etc, etc, etc.....
When you do see UFO activity, any time day or night are likely times to see them. 
Preparing Yourself.
You have to now begin training your observation abilities. The secret to observing UFO's is... 
1. Patience - You will need to spend at least one hour in this location. It takes a good 10 minutes to adjust your eyes to the sky conditions. You will have to overcome the "impatience barrier". Self discipline has to be learnt and the boredom overcome. It is through development of this self discipline, that you will become successful and eventually see UFO's. The wait will be worthwhile. Once you see UFO's, boredom will not be a issue for you. 
2. Persistence - To see UFO's the first time they visit your location you have to be persistent in your skywatching. Set regular times you begin skywatching so it becomes a habit. Fit it into your daily routine so it becomes part of your life. You have an agenda, and that is to see UFO's. Once in a while is not good enough. Remember, a UFO 'flap' may only last 1-3 days or nights, so you do not want to miss that do you? Persistence will yield results. After your first evening vigil, have another half hour look just before you go to bed. They may be around later in the evening. 
3. Familiarity - You must get used to and familiar with the normal environment within your field of view. Take note of where the street lights, building lights, aircraft flight paths, radio beacon lights and any other 'normal' illumination in your area. Get familiar with the positions of the brightest stars and constellations in the night sky. Identifying these can not only help pass time but educate you. You will eventually be able to quickly identify an illumination that you know from you observation experience, should not be there, and take special notice of it. Get used to the flight paths, size, speed and angles of approach and departure of Satellites. You will need this knowledge for comparisons at a later date. 
4. Vision - Your vision development will improve over time, it is not something that is easy to master at first but it will happen if you regularly observe the night sky for longer periods of time. There are two parts of your vision that need developing..
a) Night Vision - You will be basically training your eyes (brain actually) to 'see in the dark'. You need to develop this so that you can see the fast moving faint to black objects moving against the night sky. 
b) Peripheral Vision - Your side vision will develop at the same time as your night vision abilities. They work together. You will notice things moving out of the corner of your eye, even from just behind you as you develop this ability. This alerts you to any movement and allows you faster reaction times to film or observe. You will be observing larger areas of the sky so that instead of looking, you will be constantly 'scanning' the whole sky much faster and more accurately. This is a real advantage to develop this ability. You can do it, just keep training yourself while being aware of what you are developing and why. 
The 'Indicators'. (Night Time)
Now that you are armed with the information discussed above and ready to develop your personal abilities, lets go skywatching. 
For your sake, I hope there is no UFO activity around when you first go skywatching because this will allow you to 'feel' what it is like under normal conditions when there is no UFO around. It will also get you familiar with your surrounding location and settle you down into a routine. You could be lucky however, but this would spoil you into thinking it was like this all the time, which it is not. 
What to Look For.
1. Any fast moving dull to dark object against the night sky. Basically, any moving object not identifiable. Birds and bats do fly at night but you will learn the difference. Sometimes the black objects are wide boomerang shapes and move very fast. 
2. High altitude flashing lights. These will appear obviously higher that satellite height. They may flash only once or 4-5 times. Appear stationary of slowly moving. Just mentally record these as possible indicators. Always try to video anything you consider unusual. Good practice. Get comparisons and evidence. One event does not make a UFO 'wave' or 'flap'. You will learn this over time. You need a series of 'indicator' events to confirm possible UFO activity. 
3. Strobing Objects. These may appear at or below satellite height and strobe constantly at various rates. The main object may appear black (unseen) or fully illuminated with the strobe even brighter. These can move very fast in steady straight flight path not on commercial flight paths. They fly W to E and S to N and N to S here. 
4. The most spectacular of the 'indicators' that will confirm real UFO activity is happening are what I call the "Probe" type objects. These appear to be very bright silver/white lights at low altitude. (sometimes mistakenly thought of as bright satellites) Your observation abilities are needed to calculate altitude by referencing the angles of approach and departure of the object related to the angle in the sky compared to the horizon. These will sometimes flare up very brightly (5x brightness of Venus) and fade down to go out and lost from view over a short distance. Some (if not all) are spheres around 2 feet dia. but some could be a little larger and upright drum shape. They seem to flare up over populated towns and cities, then go out once past city boundaries. These are a real UFO. 
5. If you see some or all of the above, you are in a UFO 'wave' situation. You are now highly likely to see anything UFO. One type of UFO to look for is the dim illuminated rectangular fast moving object. These size from 2 - 5 feet. Now is the time to observe the sky all chances you get, day and night. The chances of day time UFO is heightened once you see the 'indicators'.
The level of UFO activity will determine the scale between 'wave' and 'flap'. 
          Read FULL BOOK or Download on issuu.com
"Each day you do not see UFOs, is one day closer to when you will". 
Good luck.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Two Types of UFO Living Critters Seen

What I have been seeing over the last 3 years include the following;

1. 10 foot swallow tailed black object at just above roof level. I thought "Mothman" so did web search on that (Point Pleasant Virginia 1976-7)

2. Just passing overhead 9 foot 'wings' only, (no body or tail) could see  the light and dark grey striping as if feathers. Silent. Similar to the 'Wings of Isis'.

3. Since local UFO activity in 1997, have been seeing black Boomerang to slightly bent boomerang shaped 'objects' flying leading edge forward. These about 5-10 feet wide. One had small row of 'fairy lights' or what looked like faint LED lights along front leading edge. This swooped low overhead where I thought it was going to hit me. Got huge adrenaline rush as it 
passed low overhead. I call these "Gargoyles". They are stealthy.

4. There has been two new types (to me) Must say here that I am a UFO Researcher and avid skywatcher for the last 37 years, and at times very active. I have video of many day and night UFOs, and now have it all posted up on my YouTube Channel, waytofarout2C. So check it out. 

The recent objects are amazing.

a) There is a small 10 inch long football shaped object that moves from very low (10 foot) to medium high altitude at speed where it leaves a streak of light in the sky. On six occasions over a three night period, a second similar object has "Intercepted" the first object. Hence the name I have given them, "Interceptors". These are anywhere from black objects to bright glowing.

One of these flew past me only 10 feet away and I could hear the "Whoosh" as it disturbed the air. I calculate its speed at 300 Klm/hr (180 Miles/hr). at ALTITUDE THEY MUST BE THOUSANDS OF mph.  They also have small swept back wings. These seem to be a living critter of some kind (like many UFO actually are).

b) Is the most interesting. A 3 foot (1 meter) wide Boomerang (Gargoyle) that seems to sweep back its wings when in a more 3D state, and bring them forward when semi-invisible (inter-dimensional) state. They then move very quick to medium slow at low altitudes in silence. They have no tail, head or body other than the Boomerang shape body.

Now here is what has got me excited. One night recently, one approached head-on at 8 meters (25 feet) from me. I could see the texture on the wing. It was like reptile scales. There was some local light reflecting off it. As I trained my eyes toward the front if it, it must have realised that I was actually looking at it and it stopped, did a sideways rocking wobble then suddenly disappeared before my eyes. It think it switched into invisibility. Something like the Squid can suddenly change its colours and patterns to blend into its environment. This thing is Reptilian and alive, not a craft.

Two nights later, I heard a strange noise pass from behind my back to then fly off into the distance at high speed. Heard 5 seconds of a sound like a "Bull Roarer". I did a web search and came across this.

ooph [Hebrew] that means to fly or flutter.===============

Gen. 1:20, "flying creatures that flutter to and fro" and;
Is. 6:2 "seraphim (the same word as the reptiles here used for angelic creatures) that fly to
and fro. The meaning may be best illustrated by a polal infinitive construct in Ez. 32:10 "when I cause my sword to fly to and fro" or "when I brandish my sword." The rapid back and forth movement of the sword (brandishing) illustrates the emphasis of the polal intensive.

Flutter, is EXACTLY what the sound was. Now, does this mean that these ancient reptiles are now flying in the skies above Northern New South Wales Australia???

These too can be from black to brightly illuminated objects. I have seen them partly illuminated a fuzzy white or higher altitude much brighter. They sometimes quickly flash then fly off as a black object.

 The above objects I consider may live in the shadow of the Earth, following the shadow. They are either returning after a long absence, or very few Humans are seeing them. I say they are Alien to this planet and have the ability to traverse Space.

Buzzed by Boomerng UFO

UFO activity over Grafton (NSW). March 17th and 19th 2007, I observed a single Boomerang UFO at about 150 ft altitude and approx. 200 meters away. It was dimly illuminated yet bright enough to catch my attention.

On the 17th. it was heading north at quite rapid speed. On the 19th. it was heading south in the same area of sky but much slower speed. Slow enough to get a good look at it.Size appeared only about 1 meter wing span (not knowing actual distance)

To-night, 16th. April at around 6.30 pm, the same or similar UFO flew directly overhead heading south. I got a good look at the shape and size. It was a boomerang shape about 2.5 meters wing span. Dimly illuminated and moving approx. 150 klm/h. Altitude was under 200 ft. Was too fast to get video of.
It appears this same object has been flying up and down the area for a few weeks now and will no doubt return. I will let you know if I get footage of it.

First week this month there was a high altitude (4,000 ft) fuzzy mass of round illumination heading south. This type of illumination has been seen numerous times before during UFO activity over this area. That same night there were 6 other UFO type events at low altitude around my viewing location, 2 at tree top height. They were small basket ball size (and less) objects brightly illuminated and moving so fast they were difficult to follow, but certainly only 30-50 meters away. Got a bit spooky there for a while.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

UFOs and Angels

UFO's and Angels:

Since my early years, I had been made aware that there were 'Guardian Angels' that followed us around during our daily lives. I had been saved from drowning, avoided motor accidents plus other unusual circumstances that I personally consider was the protection granted me by my Guardian Angel. I never really went out my way to study the subject or find more answers, I just accepted it as a natural part of life, and that every one had their own personal Guardian Angel. And I still think that is the way it is.

I have witnessed many UFO events over the years in an attempt to learn about the phenomena, and what it all means. I had learnt that not all UFO's are in fact 'Alien Spacecraft containing Alien Beings', at least not the four-foot Grey Aliens. Many UFO objects are small in size, ranging from tennis ball size to around three metres (10 feet) of course there are many types of UFO that are larger than the 3 metre ones.

In November 1999, I witnessed something that would steer me in another direction of study. My concepts of what UFO's are, and what they do here got a quick boost of enlightenment. Well, what some may be doing at least.

Guardian Angel?

I was visiting a friend's place when we could hear the Wespac Rescue helicopter approaching to land at the local hospital. The chopper usually flew almost over the house roof, as the landing pad was close by. We both stood on the rear steps to watch the chopper pass almost overhead with its bright landing spot light illuminating the whole area like daytime.

When level to me, I noticed something quickly fly off from just above the rotor blades of the chopper. It was a dull yellow illuminated object rectangular in shape and around two feet long (60cm) and 10 inches (25cm) high. I quickly jumped down off the top step, turned to watch the object fly off toward the East. It was only 100-ft. altitude or less. The first thing that came to mind was "Guardian Angel." I considered that under the circumstances of the situation that the UFO had followed the chopper containing a critical ill passenger, and was there for the sake and well being of the sick person. And I left my thoughts stay with that for it sounded feasible yet a little over the top.

"That was a UFO," I said to my friend, "and it was following the chopper so as to look after the ill passenger." She accepted that as a probable scenario without question. I wish everyone were like her. We often discuss the situation and find it ever more amazing if true.

Similar event.

I will jump ahead in the sequence of events here, for the final connection between UFO's and Angels is most interesting and very important to me. In June 2001, I was standing out on my balcony scanning the horizon for unusual activity, when I suddenly noticed a slow moving dull yellow object above the roof of a farmhouse some 1.5klm west. The object was so dully illuminated, I had to look ahead of the object a little so as to catch it in my peripheral vision. I did this a few times and confirmed that yes, it was a UFO and flying at low altitude from the South, and would fly over the western boundary of town. I quickly ran inside to get my video camera, which was only 5 paces away. When I returned, I could not see the object yet began videoing the probable path just in case I got lucky.

The unusual thing here is, that when I returned outside, there was a light aircraft flying at a similar low altitude to where I had seen the UFO. I thought, "Did the UFO turn into an aircraft?" Or did the Aircraft turn into a UFO?" I was a bit confused about that for a while. The light aircraft continued flying at very low altitude around the western boundary of town, then turned to fly across the northern boundary and off toward the north east. I made some inquiries at the local airport the next day, and the only conclusion reached was that the aircraft was the Air Ambulance. It was flying low because the ill patient must have had lung problems and could not survive pressurized air if flying at altitude, and thin air means more oxygen pressure. Another event where UFO was directly associated with the transportation of critically ill Humans.

Angels (?) and UFO's (?) comfort the dying:

Watch animated video youtube that tells this story.

I would like to share something very personal with you here. I want you to know what my Mother and I witnessed the night my Father died. This is true to the word. So please take these words with you, and ponder over the consequences of this event and what it would mean to you if the following events happened to your family.

My Father was critically ill in hospital and not expected to last the night. My Mother and I decided we would put in an all night bedside vigil to be with him. I wanted to phone my daughter to tell her that her Grandfather was very ill and may not last the night. Early that evening around 8.30pm, I walked into the car park of the hospital and phoned my daughter on my mobile. She accepted the situation well. Just as we were saying our good-byes, she began to gently weep. Well this made me overcome with grief also. I got that heavy feeling in my heart.

Bright Star like object:

I looked up into the starry dark sky, and saw a very bright star like object approaching from the south from over the near-by hills. I was immediately comforted and my grief gone. I had seen many similar objects before. They were what I call the "UFO Probe" type objects. They are not satellites. The bright object was now behind trees lining the car park so I walked further up the car park so I could continue to watch this object move off into the distance. It slowly faded into a dim smaller object that went totally out. I then returned to my Fathers bedside, yet did not mention this sighting to my Mother until next morning.

White Lights fly off:

In the early hours of the next morning, my Mother suddenly turned to me and said, "What was that?" "What was what?" I replied. She said she had seen a flying light outside the window. She thought it was a plane or something. A little while later she said, "There it is again!" this time it was flying away from the window. I walked to the window thinking it must have been an aircraft in the distance or the headlights of a passing car shining in the window. I waited until a car passed by, no lights anywhere the window and there were no aircraft. We were on the first floor. Now I was curious. First the bright object I had seen earlier, now my Mother had seen two illuminated objects just outside the hospital window.

Golden Object flies off:

Keeping an awareness of any movement outside the window was keeping my mind occupied. After a while, I turned my head toward the window just in time to see the most amazing sight. I saw this beautiful object just long enough so as to have the memory of it etched on my mind forever. Just outside the window about 3 feet away, I saw a golden yellow rectangular object around 2 feet (60cm) long and 10 inches (25cm) high hover for a moment than suddenly shoot off toward the right and out of view. What ever it was, was observing us through the window, saw me turn toward it then took off so I could not keep watching it.

I could see the sharply defined edges of the object it was so close. I got a good look at the surface of the object. There were no markings or imperfections, just a pure golden object. It was flying without visible means of propulsion or wings, no sound and was too small to have been a craft containing crew. What ever it was, must have been its own fully self-contained entity. It demonstrated intelligence by its curiosity for looking into the window and internal energy source by the way it hovered than quickly accelerated away. It was what I would call a genuine UFO, but not an Alien craft, as we would normally imagine.

Do Angels and UFO's work together?

If all the circumstances are considered surrounding these events, there is only one logical conclusion. And that is, that the UFO has demonstrated that it is willing to become directly involved with the close observation of seriously ill and dying humans.

The UFO Spectrum.

The question now needs to be asked, "Are some UFO's and Angels one and the same?" I say 'some' for I am sure that not all UFO's are from the same source. Some UFO's are definitely highly advanced, sophisticated craft containing highly trained crew. While others seem to be self contained living entities, and others seem to demonstrate they are working for a higher power we would call God.

Soul of Accident Victim Observed.

For me this is the 'icing on the cake' as the saying goes. This event convinces me that there is more to life (and death) than we are lead to believe or willing to consider in some circumstances. Whatever your beliefs or understanding toward Religion is. It does not matter which denomination you belong to or which God you worship. It does not even matter if you are a heathen. The SAME GOD looks after as ALL.

At 3:30am on 22nd January 2002 I got a phone call that there was a serious truck accident on the Pacific Highway at Grafton involving three trucks. One driver was fatally injured. I do freelance news for a local TV station so I attended.

At around 3:50am there were a small group of rescue and firemen and myself discussing the incident, when I suddenly noticed an illuminated Orb flying just south of us at low altitude. I brought this to the attention of the others and 4 of us watched the object until it suddenly disappeared. "There is one of your UFO's Baz" one of the crew jokingly said to me.

After thinking about the incident for some time, this is what I seriously consider happened at that scene.

The driver was suddenly killed. His Soul was released from his physical body in a confused state. (possibly same with all sudden deaths) The Soul wanted to know what had happened so materialized and flew over the corner of the Highway where the last memory of the driver would have been before the accident. Once the Soul realised the situation, a small teardrop fell from the Orb just before the moment it quickly diminished in size and disappeared. The Soul was now in a different dimension that some refer to as Heaven. The Soul was now being comforted by other departed Souls "On the other side."

Luster of Glazed Pearl.

The surface of the Orb was easily seen from the 100 metres distance from us. It was similar to the beautiful rich luster of a glazed white Pearl. The Orb was no more than 100 feet altitude and the size of 1.5 to 2 soccer balls.

For me, this was a very important event. We had seen something beyond explanation yet it was all starting to fall into place for me. I had been shown (or lucky enough to have seen) enough evidence to cement my ideas on the inter-relationship between (some) UFO's and the presence of Angels.

Daytime Red Jellyfish UFO

Daytime Red “Jellyfish” UFO Video.
Port Macquarie New South Wales Australia.
Monday 1st October 2006 Time: 10:30am

Digital still Fuji FinePix F650 on video Motion JPEG mode.

Port Macquarie on the Monday Labour Day Long week-end while walking along the shores of one of the beautiful Bays of the area, when we stopped among the tall pine trees lining the shore so as to gaze up at the clear blue sky. I suddenly noticed an unusual pinkish red round object high above us. I pointed this object out to my friend who also watched it over the next 10 minutes observation time, but sometimes unable to see it when behind the pine branches.

The object was not only unusual by its colour but it also had a long shining gossamer tale hanging below the object. This tale was constantly swishing back-and-forth in a rhythmic manner as if it was assisting the object in flight some how. First slowly moving toward the north, the object soon changed direction toward the south and stopping for a short while directly over our heads. It was here that the regular pulsing of the object became noticeable. It was as if the object had a brighter side as if reflecting the Sun light then the shape or profile of the object would change, possibly from some internal movement that distorted the outer shape therefore not reflecting the Sun at the same angle resulting in a dulling down of the overall brightness coming from the object.

The object then slowly began moving toward the south-east where it became visible on the other side of the near-by pine tree. Suddenly, the object rapidly descended to quite a low altitude, approx. 2,000 feet, and was strongly strobing and quickly moving the tail. It was as if the object was getting excited at getting a closer look at us watching it.

Suddenly, the object took off in a rapid vertical ascent to a height where it was no longer visible to the naked eye, even when wearing sunglasses with a polarized lens.

We concluded after an analytical discussion that the object was not a balloon aimlessly drifting in the breeze but behaved independently because of the direction changes, constant and regular motion of the tail movement, the unusual colour, the regular pulsing that change the brightness of the object and finally, the rapid descent, hovering with increased tail and pulse activity followed by the very rapid vertical assent of the object until it was so high it was out of sight in a few seconds. Nothing at all like the behaviour of an inert object like a balloon. This object was a UFO, possibly a living space critter of some yet unknown type. I have seen them before.

Barry Taylor
UFO Researcher / Skywatcher

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cartnic Effect

"Cartnic Effect".
Proposal for new terminology to be used for descriptive purposes when describing "the flight characteristics of the flight and direction change of groups of UFO's".

While observing numerous UFO activity during the 1990's, there was one important observation that still intrigues me. This is the observation of groups of UFO (usually surrounded with a white haze) that during their flight appeared to be moving as if with the "same mind".We are all aware of the flight characteristics of a flock of birds and schools of fish that are closely grouped together, and change direction simultaneously while maintaining the close group formation.

This effect seems to indicate that each bird or fish is "tuned into" some type of "group awareness" enabling them to react to direction change instantly. Not onebird or fish takes a different direction or interrupts the intention of the group as a whole. Total control of the group is maintained.Unlike herds of animals quickly moving and changing direction, who seem to exhibit a "follow the leader" type of awareness. Humans fall under this category also.

This effect indicates an "individual awareness" and one individual can disrupt and confuse the entire group if hesitation or different direction is taken.I am at this point in time, unaware of a specific terminology that accurately describes the effect observed of birds and fish moving as if with the "same mind". This same effect is associated with the flight of groups of UFO's.I propose that this effect of "group awareness of the same mind" be called the "CARTNIC EFFECT".

Why "Cartnic Effect"?
C = Close
A = Association
R = Reaction
T = To
N = Natures
I = Instinctive
C = Control

This effect is a real one, and appears to be a "natural" awareness not only used in Nature but also used by the UFO. It could be directly linked to survival and self preservation (safety) of the overall group.Preservation and reduced energy requirements of the individual when flying in group formation is another possibility.

Scientists state that migrating birds when flying in "V" formation conserve 71% of their energy during their migration flight. This could well also apply to the UFO. An "exchange" of energy in UFO groups is another theory I am working on, and may post that later.I ask you to think about the use of the above terminology proposal and see its use when describing, cataloguing, investigating, reporting and writing about such an effect.